Saturday, 30 June 2012

What You Doing This Weekend?

This is often a question I am asked. My response is relax and enjoy. This reply is good one because it can mean doing very little or extreme activities. But which ever one I choose the main object for me is to enjoy and recharge my bodies batteries.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Why! We Should All Smile More…..

1. Smile makes us attractive.
 2. Smile changes our mood.
 3. Smile is contagious.
 4. Smile relieves stress.
 5. Smile boosts your immune system.

6. Smile lowers your blood pressure.
 7. Smile releases endorphins, natural pain killers and serotonin.
 8. Smile lifts the face and makes you look younger.
 9. Smile makes you seem successful.
10. Smile helps you stay positive.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Young and Carefree - Kids grow up to fast these days

When you look at this picture, What! do you see?

Apart from the obvious boys having fun by the river, To me it shouts out Care Free.

It floods back memories of a young boy playing by the river with not a care in the world and only living for that moment with my friends.

And although I come from a poor family I still had a wonderful childhood and never had to worry about surviving, not as a lot of children around the world have to do nowadays.

I would play for ever with my friends at least until i heard my mother shouting me in for meals.

These days children seam to grow up very fast, I am taken back sometimes about the conversations i have and the knowledge they impart at such a young age. they must have nothing in their lives but study study study, OK knowledge is great and I think we should educate our children but for me I like to see them enjoy their childhood, run free without worries but it just does not happen these days.

I have to say I think we have not really advance much in this area and think that the old days were better.

What do you think?

Deadlines! Can Kill You…….Help Is at Hand

Is this how you look when you got to make a deadline, Chill Out! I mean what's the worse can happen if you don't meet it, lose job, lose family, lose self worth - ok ok where's the caffeine lol

Seriously though all joking aside trying to meet deadlines, can kill you!

You see it's the stress of it all that will kill you in the end, before you accept a deadline give it lots of thought as to how, taking on this project will impact on your life.

It's not just you that you have to consider its you family also, as they will have to take the brunt of your stress once you are fully engrossed in to the project.

I recently lost a dear friend 39 years of age, who you would think had it all, good looks, great wife and kids, nice house, holidays every year. But to achieve all this it meant taking on work that would push him to his limits in order to meet the strict deadlines and penalties for not meeting them that exist today in this world.

But when we are young we think its ok and that we can take it, but stress has no limits and no matter who you are, it will take you.

I have put together Two Websites that I hope will help you when you feel you have stress and how to handle it and the anxiety.

Also how to keep yourself fit and healthy….

Take care of yourself folks after all you only have one life…..

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Danga Bay Marina. Johor Bahru

Called in at the Marina this morning about 8.30am and love the peace and quite with sun rising over the sea. Such a great start to my day.

Danga Bay Marina
Tel:(+607) 221 5688, Fax:(+607) 221 5688, VHF Channel 74
Danga Bay Marina is located just after a floating fish farm on your left, with several large fisherman houses on stilts on the right. From the entrance you can also see the distinctive roof line of the complex and four 14 storey apartment blocks which are part of the Danga Bay development. Call on 74 on approach. If no answer, anchor off and dinghy in.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Reincarnation True or False

Reincarnation is the religious or philosophical concept that the soul or spirit, after biological death, begins a new life in a new body that may be human, animal or spiritual depending on the moral quality of the previous life's actions. This doctrine is a central tenet of the Indian religions[1] and is a belief that was held by such historic figures as PythagorasPlato and Socrates.

I myself from being a young boy living the magical hills and Mountains of Bacup in Lancashire UK, have over the years been or done things I could not have know about unless I had been their before.

One such example was as a boy of age about 5, My Mother decided one day to venture out from the valleys and visit a city near Manchester called Oldham, 
This was a famous town for its football and markets, the later being the reason for our visit.

This was indeed an adventure for me as we had to use buses and trains to get to our destination, You may as well know that the distance back to our home in Bacup was about 20 miles, it does not sound very far but in them days it was and it took us nearly 4 hours to get that distance.

why do i mention this well I had never been out of Bacup before which leads us into the above point - Reincarnation True or False.

The day went really well and we did lots of walking around the market and highlight of the day was getting pie and mushy peas in the cafe, mother had fish and chips. after lots of walking and with a little shopping,  Mother turned her attentions to getting the last bus back, or staying the night and that of course not an option.

However heading back to the bus station proved very hard to find as it was getting dark and every where looked the same.

I could see she was getting upset and after asking lots of people we were going around in circles, I held her hand and dragged her down back streets right to the bus station area, pleased to say we got the bus back safe and sound but how did I know where to go at such a young age?

Had I been their in a previous life?

Was it just luck?

My mother remembers how strong I was in my directions and posture, that she followed.

I have had lots of events over my life of visiting places around the world and instantly knowing exactly where to go as though i lived their.

I am now 54 and heading to the side of life that usually signals death, but because of my experiences of my previous life's I do believe in reincarnations  and indeed when life ends it's the body that dies not the soul. I wont say I do not fear death but it makes it easier to accept if you believe you move on to another life.

Other things happen like I meet someone and instantly, I like this person and feel I have known them my whole life, or hate this person (and hate not a word I like to use) yet do not know why, as I have never met them.

I once met a monk who while chatting told me that in life the two things in life which are the strongest feelings are love and hate and when the the body dies the soul live s and moves onto its new life taking with it the previous Love hate feelings.

I have to say that these feeling in my life have proved to be true, I guess some people may describe it as a gut feeling, but whatever you believe the trick is to try enjoy your life, do no harm to others as you pass by, help and encourage other s to get the best they can from this life and most of all embrace life and all of its challenges and every now and then do something out of your comfort zone just to feel alive…...

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Wanton Mee Yum Yum

So hungrey lucky I spotted great little place. Arhhhh so good now I refueled.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Does SIZE Really Matter in 2012

Well it Should, over the last few years I have been yo yo around the 80-86kg mark and want to remain around the 80kg mark.

As I exercise nearly every day and I have decided that it must be down to my diet, you see like most people in Malaysia I just love the food here. we spoiled for choice and flavors.

I had the good idea to eat what i wanted and just exercise more, but guess what that does not work, So I began to think about Size.

Does it really Matter?

I believe this is the KEY to my Success, (time will tell) I have decided to reduce my plate size (see photo below) and that way ill eat what the family eats but in smaller portions. Wish Me Luck.

Oh I have ordered some exercise equipment for the home, I will update you of it later and how it works, should be fun….

White =Old size Red =New

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Update to P1 Speed Improvement

Early this year i added my P1 Modem to a Sat dish and the results are amazing, the above reading was just taken and is still two time faster than it was.

Location of the unit it imperative for the best signal you can get.

You can read previous blog here

My Dancing Pussy

This is Mia, my adorable dancing cat, you can just see the bit of ply wood tied in string i use to train her.

Not only does she love to play but she loves to run about on two legs, it's so funny.

But in truth i had to take about 50 photos and picked this one out of them, as she has eye open fully and with front legs outstretched looks so balanced..

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

It's The Little Things In Life That Count

This morning while sitting out on the balcony drinking my fresh brewed coffee (French blend) some home made bread and curry to dip. I felt really calm and at peace with myself. Around me was the sounds of nature, music drifting out from the kitchen radio. And the temple and church bells ringing out as the train into JB passes by. Then I look up and see the view around me so wonderful in it's morning sunrise. I thought wow all this and it's Free.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Weekends Are Great - But Go To Fast

I had a great weekend over Fathers day and took a trip down to Desaru  Beech.

Had lunch got some sand between my toes, lol.

Then sat by the sea having nice cold glass of Juice and boy was it good.

Fell asleep in the hammocks that are tied between the trees. and was out for about an hour, ha ha and woke up with creak in my neck. but it was so nice to relax.

Of course like all good things they must come to an end. and Monday was knocking at our door.

The main thing is to use the weekends to recharge your batteries so you are fit to tackle the week ahead.

Hope you all had a nice weekend.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Celeb's - Then And Now - How They Look Today…..

Thank goodness we're not the only ones getting older!

Boy George

Kirstie Ally

Bridget Bardot

Nick Nolte

Cybill Sheperd

Kathleen Turner

Bob Dylan

Ozzy Osbourne

Mick Jagger

Gary Busey

But Reynolds

Wayne Newton

Micky Rourke

Clint Eastwood

Keith Richards

Joan Rivers

Eddie Van Halen

Linda Ronstadt

Jack Nicholson

I Don't know about you guys but looking at these now I don't
Feel Bad Myself - LOL

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