Friday, 22 June 2012

Does SIZE Really Matter in 2012

Well it Should, over the last few years I have been yo yo around the 80-86kg mark and want to remain around the 80kg mark.

As I exercise nearly every day and I have decided that it must be down to my diet, you see like most people in Malaysia I just love the food here. we spoiled for choice and flavors.

I had the good idea to eat what i wanted and just exercise more, but guess what that does not work, So I began to think about Size.

Does it really Matter?

I believe this is the KEY to my Success, (time will tell) I have decided to reduce my plate size (see photo below) and that way ill eat what the family eats but in smaller portions. Wish Me Luck.

Oh I have ordered some exercise equipment for the home, I will update you of it later and how it works, should be fun….

White =Old size Red =New


Alvin Fan said...

You should drink some water before your meal,to make you fuller and less likely to eat too much,not only to change the plates size.

john foster said...

Thanks Alvin Fan,

Yes I have heard of this be4 but forget to do it,I must try to include it into my lifestyle.

Thanks for your comment.

Regards john

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