Sunday, 3 June 2012

Kiss For Daddy

My Lovebird Dawn flew over to me and was making all funny chuckling noises then turned around and proceeded to Kiss me.

She is so adorable and give me so much pleasure each and every day.

The Simple things makes her happy like ping pong balls these drive her nuts and she chases them up and down the cage. so funny to watch.
 here she just landed
Now she about to dance
here she goes as you can see I'm laughing so much..
She swings it to the left

Now she swings it to the right

Now Ready to make her move….
I take the pose.

I would highly recommend Lovebirds as Pets but only if you got lots of time to give them. as they need companionship. Get two if you not able to spend lots of time with them……..

I used to breed them and although that beak looks scary, trust me once you realize that the only thing they can touch you with is the beak you will realize it's only like someone giving you handshake.

Not saying they don't bite, but like any pet they are lovable until you annoy them.

Thats why its best to get into a routine with them, then they know what is playtime and whats not.

Whatever you do you should not raise your voice to them, as they are sensitive birds, a firm NO! is usually good enough to stop them.

Cleaning of the cage should be done every day. I even clean each of the wires on the cage, its so simple once you keep on top of it, its when you leave things to go hard that rust and other thing start to form.

From start to finish clean, new water,and feed then changing of the tray paper. takes me about 5 mins, not to much of your time to give your new freind…….

If you get one, enjoy them, they are cute in their nature and repeat things like for me she does the door bell the phone ringing and the camera click on iphone plus lots of singing which is so nice.

talking is possible with some but you need quiet room and spend one hour a day to get them to repeat words but once you get them started they pick up talking good, (keep the words clean, remember what you teach them will be repeated, so next time your boss visits last thing you want is the bird saying " I hate my Boss" lol


cindyrina said...

pretty bird you have there...having a pet can be a good therapy

john foster said...

Thanks for your comment Cindy, she is growing up to be a fine bird. I also have two cats Mia and suki tow adorable cats. and lots of marine and tropical fish. So I agree having pets is really good therapy.

Had a look at your blog and enjoyed it

regards John

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