Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Expats Keeping Contact With Home Country

Keeping in touch with loved ones back home is easier now than ever.

The choices are so vast that you now have no excuses for not keeping in contact with people back in your home country.

Ok lets list some of the best ways to keep in touch….
  1. Smart phones , apps like Skype etc, msn,yahoo,
  2. pc, notebooks etc, Skype, face book, email,
  3. Letter Writing - out dated but how nice is it to receive a letter from someone abroad.
  4. Telephone
  5. IDD phones, Voip via pc,smart phones
These are just some ways but the best one for me is the video calls you can make via Skype,yahoo,msn etc. And most are free

So just think on, as you really do not have an excuse for not making contact.

Make that call today………

Also on another idea, is to keep up with whats going on back home by listening to your local radio from home via satellite online,

Just type in the name of the radio station into google search and it should come up with a listen now button, then all you do is save the page for future listening. 

It's funny because I often talk to family about stories that happened near them and they don't know about it lol.

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