Saturday, 7 July 2012

Home made Pandan Chicken Wraps

I went out to day for lunch over bukit indah way and saw a sign as i was passing restaurant offering pandan chicken, I thought oh wow good idea i got some pandan leaves so went online to this address…

And was lucky to find a video showing how to wrap the chicken in the pandan leaves.

so I go to it and as i type this i can tell you it smells so nice while its cooking.

Preparing the wraps

spread out on tray

The main recipe calls for this Dish to be deep fried.
but for health reasons I decided to bake instead.

Just sprinkle some oil over the top before baking.
Baking in the Oven

The Smell is driving us nuts - So Nice………

OK the Results

OK they turned out so juicy and full of flavor.

This has inspired me again to look up some different recipes as i have been lazy cooking the same old same stuff...

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