Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Honda Car Service in Johor Bahru July 2012

Servicing one's car can be done at home by the owner, but for me the only way is the main dealer.

I just had my 55000 mile service done and total cost for that was only rm189 - Ok I know its only the basic service oil change etc, but i had quotes to local garages and the cost were around 200 - 360 one quoted.

So cost wise found main dealer better.

The other good thing I like is that you know with main dealer you are getting the genuine parts for your car.

I also decided to get my wheels rotated and balanced and alined.

Outside cost from a main tyre dealer was rm82 I got the same work done honda main dealer for rm70 - again saving.

Wiper blades - honda cost me rm50 for two, outside cost was rm 110 for two.

Also I love the way they show you the computer screen with all item on and cost, discounts etc. before they start any works.

Also today they gave me a book on the parts they use and a full breakdown of what they do on each service ( see photo)

as you can see each service is listed so you know what the next service will entail, the more on the list the more expensive. 60000 is my next one and a lot on that list.

what i like is knowing exactly what i am being charged for. before any work is carried out.

My Dealer is Sutera Auto Sdn Bhd - you will see it on the right if you are heading towards jusco tebrau big Honda Signs.
I been using them 6 years and find them to be very good in what they do.

and if you wait for car to be done - you can help yourself to coffee tea water, curry puffs cakes etc all provided in the waiting room how cool is that.

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