Thursday, 5 July 2012

Honda CR-Z - Not Impressed With IT

 Finally, the moment that we… I mean I’ve been waiting for! Honda announced the arrival of CVT version of CR-Z to fulfill our demand! Previously only comes in manual transmission, the CR-Z now provide customers the option of either a stick swinging 6-speed manual version or a slightly more relaxed 7-speed CVT version.  Previously I didn’t try out the CR-Z when I was accompanying my friend for a test drive because I’m not familiar with manual transmission. I ended up being only the rear passenger.The availability of automatic transmission CR-Z is a very good news for drivers like me who… doesn’t have good left leg and hand coordination. But i was Sadly not impressed with it.

It just felt cheap not a lot of space in the back seat area, in fact more a parcel shelve.

the fittings felt mixed and odd some looked quality others look cheap.

I like the look of the engine, well laid out but never got to try it.

however i'll see what others out their have to say after they get to try it.

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