Tuesday, 3 July 2012

JB Information Exchange - My New JB Forum

I have been asked by so many people to set up a forum, and I have finally got around to doing it.

It's very simple, log in and enjoy the forum, but better still contribute to this great city by letting other's know about places you have found that you liked, restaurants you enjoyed and can recommend, if you see something on sale while out shopping why not add it to the forum for other members to see and get the benefits.

This works in your favor also when someone else adds something that interest you.

We all like other peoples points of view, and by the same token, no reason for you not to have yours.

Just think you by adding a topic you can be helping others new to Johor Bahru to embrace and enjoy this fantastic little city with a big heart.

First point of call should be the calendar, as this is where I shall be highlighting events I come across in Johor Bahru.

Well If you do get time to visit, then you will be most welcome……

Also remember it's new but the more people that contribute the better it will be…...


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