Monday, 9 July 2012

Scared By Geckos This Morning in Johor Bahru

Ha ha! This morning I turned on my computer and then proceeded to remove the cover from the printer when a gecko jumped onto my arm (Yuk) then back inside the printer itself.

Of course it drew the attention of my cats in it's endeavor to get away because it release about 1/2 inch of its tail onto the floor to distract its prey and it worked both my cats attention went straight to the tail and not the gecko itself…..

Now it's just a waiting game for it to leave the printer.

I have powered it down so as not be nice and warm in side, last thing i need is geckos breeding in my printer.

I actually like them, they often visit us at night and walk the walls, most of them live in the AC Units. But they are not a problem just sometime they will crap down the wall.

Geckos of Malaysia are not noisy or unsightly, as a child i used to have lots of newts as we lived by the river, and i would spend hours playing with them….

But this morning was just a bit of a shock! to the system when it sprang out at me lol..

Well have a good week, chat more soon….

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