Monday, 16 July 2012

Titanic Marathon Sunday July 2012 - So Good

Titanic: Blood and Steel 

Titanic: Blood & Steel is the new TV series in 12 parts, recently completed. It is based on the construction of the Olympic Class liner "Titanic" in the Harland & Wolff Shipyard in Belfast  Most of the filming for this TV series took place south of the border in Dublin. 

Did you watch it on Sunday - I set myself up for the long haul, with lots of snacks, precooked food that just needed heating up in the intervals of the show.

I really enjoyed seeing it like this all in one go, as I tried to watch the series but you know how it is, you get caught up in your life and time for the tv does not always fit in.

I not only enjoyed the filmed events but learnt quite a lot too, for instance I never knew that the then young Churchill had visited ireland to give a talk on home rule…

I also never knew that steel when sailed in cold waters made the steel brittle as a posed to sailing in warm waters. they did a test with in the series that showed cold steel plate dropped onto the ground shattered but when another bit of steel was warmed up before dropping from the same hight only bent slightly, Why would this interest me? Well I am at the moment in the process of purchasing a blue water yacht made of? yes, you guessed it Steel from the 1960's, - So I shall be looking to see if they have developed a method of strengthening the steel for cold waters, and see what the surveyors says.

She is a 38foot ketch...

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