Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Wow! Such A Head-ache - Google Chrome to the Rescue.

No wonder I got a headache Lol.....
Oh wow Scary hey!

I was playing around with my webcam last night and downloaded a app called webtoy, and boy is it a toy I was playing with it for ages, and every time laughing so much my tummy hurts.
I was having problems with Safari, due to upgrading to the latest lion software.

And every page that loaded i got a warning box, saying that java had error , so I click ok and the box comes back well after 20 clicks and it still comes back you can see why I got P____ssed Off with it.

So Google Chrome to the rescue and wow it's so much faster and better, everything seams so much clearer and their is so many apps to make it even better.

So when things are not looking good, I guess there is always a solution, the trick is - finding it.

ha! ha! Still laughing at my horrible photo above.
The App is free and I recommend you get it your kids will love it and not stop laughing.......

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