Sunday, 12 August 2012

Bargains In The UK - Who does not like a Good Bargain.

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Living out in a tropical climate (Johor Bahru, Malaysia) is for me wonderful as it means I can do lots of work outside in the garden or down by the pool.

One of my enjoyments in life is searching for bargains to advertise,( on my website) that are on offer in the UK.

I can spend hours looking for things which will appeal not only to me but the overall readers of this blog type website.

How do I find the bargains well its easy enough for me as I can look into the accounts of my Suppliers and do search for bargains or offers of the week, month, then use the information to offer to my readers.

Of course it takes time but who does not like to see a good bargain. so for me it,s a pleasure.

and of course keeps my mind active which is very important as you get older, My farther god bless him had a saying he used a lot, and that was Use it or lose it. and of course it could be used for many things.

Not only applicable to use of the brain but thing's like that bike of yours is in the way now use it or lose it, and he meant it, if I did not move it or use it he would give it to another child in the area that could not afford one.

It was also used around the dinner table, eat it or lose it, but this had a very different meaning because we was poor coming from big family 6 boys 4 girls, food wastage was not allowed so in this case if you did not eat the food he meant you would lose rights to say use the piano, or watch tv or even play out although this was not something he would do a lot as he believed in children being outdoors enjoying life,and the fresh air and not stuck in bedrooms playing games or becoming a tv couch potato.

You know looking back I had a great life and although things were basic and clean it was more than made up for the the continuous love that I got from my parents and my siblings.

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