Thursday, 16 August 2012

New Healthy Homemade Bread. Serve with Yellow Lentil Soup

Just put together the ingredients for my healthy bread, it is made up of wholewheat floor, 1 cup, bread flour 2x cups, wholesome oats and bran 1x cup then the usually yeast,salt,sugar,olive oil and water.

Its now proving in the lounge ( the secret of good bread is not to let any draughts get to it while it's raising) away from any draughts.

Wow Just had quick look at it and it looks like a solid loaf mix. I usually leave it to rise while i get on with some housework. about 1 hour I find is enough. and about 1/2 hour for the second rise once i shape it into the loaf tray.

I will call this my Wheaty Oats and Bran Loaf.

I also got a big pot of yellow lentil Soup on the go.

I usually have problems with my Lentil Soup, so this time i had them soak overnight to make sure that they will be nice and tender, and take on the garlic and pepper flavours.

so this plus the wholesome bread should make a marriage in heaven for tea.

If you wish to know any recipes - just ask.

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