Sunday, 30 September 2012

Balcony Garden Johor Bahru - Repotting of Plants, Thinning out the overgrown stuff.


Sat out on the balcony this morning I noticed that the long plant trays were filling up so much that it must be on the way to root bound, so I have decided to thin the pots out. 

I like doing this and while its hard work. I end up with so many more potted plants to play about with in the design of the Balcony garden 22 floors up in the air overlooking Johor Bahru and Singapore.

I'll take some pictures as i go along and show you here.. ok back later...

After thinning out 4 removed in this one.
 10 new pots to fill with plants from the long box containers that are now overfilled and needs thinning out.

after thinning out in this one got 6 new plants out of it.

both the plant boxes and the ones removed

Pond still looks great with the bio filter over one year now and still keeping the water crystal clear.

Look at the plants on top of the bio all the roots going down to filter the water as it flow to the top, the roots catch any crap that may be in the water from the pond and holds onto it until it dissolves and returns back to clean water.

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Lili Sulastri said...

Very pretty. Love your balcony.

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