Monday, 3 September 2012

Update to new fish tank set up

Added a cool lighting system under the house with four colour changes - looks really good at night.


Lili Sulastri said...

Beautiful tank. Only someone with great passion will be able to create this.

john foster said...

Thank you Lili,

I do have a passion for my pets as i have always had them in my life, from being a young boy when daddy got me my first pet, A Hedgehog he had found out the back pastures near the pig pens.

But you know what it was mine and as a gift from my father it was so special. Of course we had lots of other pets around dogs cats etc but this was all mine lol.

I laugh now but at the time I was so excited, only to get up the next day to find it had got out of its cardboard box.

Father said it was a free spirit and should be let roam the lands, quite honestly, not only do i know now why he would not let me take it up to my bedroom or let us fetch it into the house.

FLEAS so many on it.

I cried so much, Ok back to the fish, I think of the tank as much as the fish in terms of looks, has to look good as its part of the living room I want to see something nice even when the fish are hiding. and so its worth putting in the extra work first.

I am so glad you like it. Lili.

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