Thursday, 6 September 2012

Visiter to my Balcony while I ate Breakfast

Was a Gecko, normally they wont come out if i am sat at table but today not only did he jump onto the table but stole some of my toast. The Cheek of it. 

I like gecko's because they kill mosquitoes and who in asia wont like that, having said that is it me or has the biting got less I can not remember the last time i was biten by one.

Or maybe they don't like my taste now.

When I first came over in the 2005 I got biten about ten to 20 times a day - SOOOOO itchy.

My Cats Mia and Suki love to play with the Gecko and you know the gecko's are so smart, when the cats attack them they drop half of their tail as a distraction which still moves, they then make their escape while the cats go for the tail.

Of course being a pet lover i only allow them to play when i see them going to pick up with mouth i stop them and remove gecko to garden area.

One of the funniest things it when the gecko go near my lovebirds Dawn and Dusky, they drive them crazy.

Dusky just screams but Dawn goes for the tail if it drops into the cage.

But surprisingly the gecko does not drop its tail in half with the lovebirds in pursuit. Maybe they realise the birds are in a cage.

The lovebirds are allowed to fly around from 10am till noon, and while out of the cage they never go for the geckos passing on the wall.

Only when in their cages do they get upset.

I love to my pets so much, that a world with out them would feel empty I guess.

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Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

I don't like the fat, lumpy geckos, but it is cool about their magic tail trick!

I too am bitten less these days by mosquitoes. Don't know why?

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