Friday, 7 September 2012

What is Social Networking?

We often encounter the term social networking but not all of us really know its exact meaning.
Everyday, we are surrounded by people at work, in school, in church, in the community and in the many places we go to. We interact with these people as dictated by our human nature.
Modern technology further enhances social relationships as social networking can now occur online.

Building your social network online is a very modern way of enjoying your leisure time.

You get to meet new people who have different cultures, interests, and views about life. Social networking websites facilitate such social activity.

There are traditional websites that have open memberships. Facebook website, on the other hand, is among those who cater to a specific group of individuals. 

Specifically, these are high school and college students.

I like to use Google+ it make life easy as most of my products are google related so the one password does all my sites, and the interaction between them is so seamless it make networking online a breeze, but you need to find the one that suits you.

Happy Networking folks.. and for more information on Networking Please visit my Social Network Website

Your Host, John J Foster

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