Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Big Ants - Used my Arm as a Bridge.

Ants - So OK next to the 50cents, I guess it does not look that big, but somehow when they on your arm marching in a line it made me jump and scrape them off and jump around a bit like a big girl lol (Glad no one was looking at me).

I mean they meant me no harm, although one had a bite along his merry way and was just doing what ants do best and that's work as one together to fulfil there objective, whatever that may have been. 

One thing for sure, I was not letting it be me......

I try not to kill any of gods creatures no matter how bad they look and always try to move them on another path that does not bother me. After all we should all try to live together on this big planet of ours.....

So the story was as follows - I made a nice mug of hot steaming coffee and headed out on to my balcony as i do most mornings to catch up on whats happening around the world via the newspapers  and while leaning back relaxed my elbow had gone between two plant leafs and made a nice bridge for the ants to cross, hi ho and all that lol.

and I turned to see about twenty marching over my arm to the other leaf to eat so once i moved they scurried all over my arm which made it worse as they now were running up and down my arm, urrrrrr so nasty I am itching now just thinking about them. 

after a calm down i returned and carried on with my papers, occasionally glancing over at the ants having to go the long way round now and I am sure that one of them was giving me the finger lol.... so funny

This is the image i get when i look at them now. lol....

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