Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Snack Attack- What Do You Like To Snack On?

For me this is my Favorite or Pate and French Bread. I add a little fruit so not to feel so bad at eating the butter and cheese.
I like to have these with nice cup of Green Tea, or fresh brewed coffee.

For me though, I think my so called snacks are actually meals because thats when i have these snacks at meal times, and I am not making excuses that this makes it ok to have the fatty foods. 

Ok I am really but what the heck I read this morning about an athlete in his prime at 35 drop dead while jogging. So why not have the things you enjoy when you want them - One thing folk's for sure is - When your dead your dead so may as well enjoy life and part take in the finer things in life. 

I refrained from have a nice glass of red wine with the cheese so do I get good boy points for this? NO ha ha thought not.

Well what ever your eating I hope you enjoy it and worry about the calories later........

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