Sunday, 4 November 2012

Test drive pugeot 408turbo and 308turbo

Hi Folk's. today finally got to test drive both turbo versions of the Pug 408 & 308.

Going into these test drives I Prefered the 408 for looks and cabin feel. However I have to say that the 308 won me over on many accounts the main being pull of the engine in the lower 10 - 50klm. Which for me is important because I am a city boy and and it's the lower gears that I need to respond when I put the pedal to the metal.

And also found the ride better. The ac in 408 was loud but somehow with the sun roof the. 308 felt south better. So my vote went to the 308.


Anonymous said...

hi,john,did you go to home fair at danga city mall today?I though I saw you there,Just said "Hi" to you in here.

Alvin Fan

john foster said...

Hi Alvin

Yes I was at the Home Fair, I was looking for outdoor furniture, and their was only one stand that I enjoyed chatting with the salesman, Mr Ricky Wan from Merry Price, they had some great stuff.

Sorry we not get to chat maybe next time.

Regards John

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