Monday, 5 November 2012

What's On in Johor Bahru in November 2012

Hi Folk's 

Just updated the latest happening in Johor Bahru and will add to it as I find other things.

Click here for the November Info.....


Anonymous said...

Hello John
My name is Khai aka KD just found this blog while i google about Thistle hotel (formerlly known as Hyatt)in JB. its great for me (a son of Johor)to find a foreigner like u living happily in JB as i myself sometimes have no idea what to tell others about places of interest in Johor generally. maybe i can introduce your blog to make more people understand what Johor especially JB is all about.

john foster said...

Sure you can go for it, always glad to get another reader, makes it all worth the effort. But I do love JB so much. I been here over 6 years and not had one bad meal out yet. thats got to be good news lol

thanks for your kind words

John J Foster

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