Monday, 24 December 2012

New Year -We Have Moved To A New BLOG Address

new blog main page
We! Have Moved Already......... 

Please! add the new blog to your book marks...
links below, many thanks. john

Using Blogger's server for many years has been truly wonderful, however we are now bursting at the seams and the only options is to pay them to host or move to another server, so I can give you the best of photographs in the blog.

At the moment its ok because I deleted a lot of the old stuff but this is not fair on new readers wanting to look at the early days as the blog photos will be missing. 

So I made the decision to move it all over to my own server at that way I can allocate as much space as i need to host the blog on thus giving me plenty of space to give you a wonderful blog read for the future....

I do hope you will change your bookmarks to,

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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Silky Fountain Water

This was what I meant for the silky fountain water, by adjusting and playing with the shutter speed.

Photo 1: There are water bubbles and the water is frozen by using higher shutter speed

Photo 2: Reduced water bubbles with a smoother water flow by slowing the shutter speed

Photo 3: No water bubbles and the water looks silky smooth

Photo 4: Isn't this more eye pleasing than Photo 1 with all those bubbles?

Macro shots of my Jasmines

The jasmines at my garden have blossomed and they are smelling absolutely amazing. I have 4 big jasmine plants and they are very easy to be taken care of. Tried some macro shots on my 650D and I'm totally chuffed with its results.

Tried to create a silky water effect on my fountain and I think it worked

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Friday, 21 December 2012

End Of The World But I'm Off Christmas Shopping.....

Ha ha so much on line and TV about today's end of the world, I know predictions do come true but wow this is a big prediction. And the way I look at it is if it happens it happens.

As a young boy my father told me "In life son, if it's out of your control, then do not worry about it".

Of course I never really knew what he was on about back then but in my life I came to realise he was a smart guy and he saved me so much stress.

Example: You do your exams, and of course you done the best that you could and it's now out of your control so do not worry about it. Now hands up how many know someone right now who done his/her exams but just will not stop going on about it, worrying about the result.

So as the end of the world is out of my control I am off doing what I love to do best SHOPPING Yeah!!.

OK so its the 21st already and i bet many are thinking wow he leaving it a bit late and your are right, why because nearer the date things get reduced in price. Now I am not a cheapskate but what it means is, I can get a better present for the allocated budget I set for each person.

That's got to be Good Right!

For instance yesterday while out shopping I noticed in Metrojaya that a lot of the expensive Christmas decorations were marked down by 50% now you just got to have some of that. because we all know it will soon be Christmas 2013 and I know i will have all my decoration already in stock.

Today is presents day so I am off to bukit indah Jusco to eat shop eat shop in that order.

BYE for nowwwwwww.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas Mystery - My Present to you all

Christmas is a wonderful time to spend with our loving families, and today I share with you a Christmas Mystery for you to share with your family and friends.

so what is it? well it's really a modern day take on the nativity christmas story and I am sure not only will it pass a pleasant few moments of your time but will remind us all.

Just what Christmas is and why we Celebrate it.

Enjoy it and also enjoy your Christmas and New Year.

Get it here FREE

AES Location PDF - Malaysia

garman gps
Speed Trap Location in Malaysia

The above link is to a pdf file listing the location and addresses both land and gps, I have been asked by many if i know the locations so I did the research and found the above pdf file.

I hope it's of use to you but the best way is just not speed, (easier said than done in today's fast cars) but I have input all these co ords into my Gamin sat nav and now I get warning as I approach them so cool.

Drive Safe and enjoy your Christmas and New Year.

Regards John

Vote and WIN RM300 - Car of the Year needs your quick imput.

Morning Bloggers,

Yes Car Of The Year needs your help, anf for doing so you stand a chance to win RM300,

It's a very quick voting survey and takes only 3 mins to complete.

So Good Luck and who knows you could be RM300 Richer in the January 2013.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Let me introduce you to Dinky my 8 week old Lovebird for Sale.

Lovebird hand reared in JBHi Folks

This is Dinky my little Lovebird, She is full of charm and very affectionate and for only 8 weeks she has already got the most lovable personality i have seen in all the lovebirds i have had over the years.

As you will also see from the photos she is very tame and love to be out of cage with her human companions.

Sadly as I live in a condo I can not have to many birds (noise levels) and so She is up for sale. RM450 But Please Remember: Pets are not just for Christmas.

Dinky was hand raised by myself from 1 day old, as Dawn the mother was new to this and really did not know how to care for the babies.

So I took on the role and fed her every three hours for four week then every 5 hours till she was weaned and now she feeds herself and has grown so nice with her colours coming out each day.

I was worried at first because her beak was fully black but has now turned orange which i really like.

Did you know that Lovebirds can live up to 15 years (human age) so they are  truly a family pet that will grow up with your children and bring you many hours of fun and excitement.

 if you would like more information please email me at johnatfastlinxsdotcom. (letters in red, change to the correct @ and .) writting it like this helps me from getting lots of spam..

Final of the Voice is TONIGHT...

I have really enjoyed the show this season and while I like the finalist, I Still think Amanda was the Best and should not have been voted out.

But the public voted so who can argue with that.

and so looking at the way they have been voting, to me it looks like the country singer will Win.

Who do you think will win?

Monday, 17 December 2012

Weekend Trip in the Rain.

Decided to have a run out over the weekend and just as wee set out in the bright sunshine it started to cloud over and by the time we got to our first destination Pontian  it was very heavy rain.

But the good thing about Malaysia is that the rain is not cold and freezing like in the UK so one can still enjoy the day out.

we called into a Heng Heng 兴兴 restaurant in Pontian, Johor, Malaysia and was pleased with the results and so was the many people that was part taking in this wonderful dish famous in Pontian.

after a full tummy we headed over to Kukup We was going to the houses on stilts but as the weather was so bad we decided on the golf resort.

the resort was not to far and only took 15 mins so after checking out the place we headed back to JB,

The idea was to enjoy the facilities but as it was raining hard decided enough was enough and headed home to watch a movie and have some fruits.

below some pictures I took while out and about.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

VIP Do at the Marina. In Johor Bahru

Last night saw a big event take place at the Danga Bay Marina.

The event was cocktail party to celebrate the Golf Iskanda Open in Johor Bahru

Golf in Johor Bahru.

Coming up this weekend the Iskanda Golf Open.

New Bar Opens at Danga Bay Marina

I was down at the Marina today and Noticed that their was a new Bar called Cheers overlooking the boats in the Marina.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Pet World at Danga City Mall

Cat Bling
Decided to go check out the pet show at the Expo centre in Danga city mall and see all the different animals on show. I also found out they have an Aquatic section. Now this I will enjoy.
I will ad some photos later.

Wow I lived to see all the cats and I got lot of free stuff.

Glad I went. Also got some bird food I normally pay rm20 got it here only rm8

Free entry also. The fish section was only fighting fish and guppy s. do not really very good on the aquatic side.

Lots of bling for your pets also. Just in time for Christmas.

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Xmas Lovebird

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Free Goodies I Got..

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