Sunday, 8 January 2012

Mia Loves 2012 Already in the Editors Chair.

 Ha ha Mia is so cute, I decided to give the fishtanks a good clean out and prepared for the removal of rocks to clean when I was just about to move over the hugh marine live rock from the tank into the red bowl I got a surprise to find Mia had already claimed this bowl for herself. I decided as she look so comfortable in it I give it to her.
But Not happy with taking over my bowl she decided on early promotion in 2012 and took over my office chair.

Oh yeah! this feel so good.

Not a care in the world.
How nice to be a cat, she gets fed three times a day, groomed every two days, take over the best seating spots, does tricks for treats and thats only the time she is awake as they sleep for so much of their lives.

I have to be careful because both Mia and Suki love to sit near me, if I go to master bedroom, when I come out their they both are waiting.

It's a good life in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

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