Monday, 30 January 2012

Cry Cry My Gym Closed For Refurbishment - I Am Lost...

wow I am so lost today, Normally my day starts at 6 am with a trip down to my local gym at the thistle hotel and its now closed for maintenance and refurbishment. until further notice oh wow I hate this.....

Of course I can use the gym here at the condominium but its not the same, the thistle is so good and the people that use it are so nice and from all over the world.
Plus its got a nice resort feel to it and I can go laze by the pool have lunch and coffee its such a nice place to be...

Oh well I guess when it reopens it will look good and who know maybe we get some new machines....... to play on - the Jacuzzi here is the biggest i have seen since my football days when the full team used to get in one after the match. I reckon you can get about 15 in it, in comfort.

Well thats my moan for the day, hope your day goes great..

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