Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Balcony Garden - Clean up and Rearrange.

I spent most of yesterday out on the balcony, at first it was just to repair the waterfall as the sealant had come lose and water was seeping below it. and although not a problem as it still flowed into the pond below it it was becoming unsightly.

Well I got a nice surprise as I was welcomed into the lower pond, by about 50 new baby fry, all swimming about happy at the top of the water. Now while this looks so nice, it has another side to it and in fact altered my whole work to be done on the balcony as I had to remove the fry or they would have been eaten by the other fish.

OK so no big deal but it did mean setting up a full aquarium tank again which I had only just put away into storage.

So with that taking about one hour it was time to start on the repair, but to be honest after looking closely at it again I decided to do away with the top pond altogether and rearrange the balcony to achieve more room yet still have a great focal feature.

So I did a full service on both pumps in the lower pond, one feed the bio filter system and the other is a feed to the Dolphin.

So pleased to report successful day the pond looks great the balcony has more room and more importantly I have about 50 babies to care for.

I also have cleaned out the Marine tank and rearranged it, it is now going to be a marine fish only tank, and is cycling the water now. I shall put about 4 clown fish in and monitor how they go first.

View from Sands Resort Hotel. Singapore.

Just quick post, my friend was over in Singapore and sent me the pictures.

I love the view and will be going their in may when I will take many more for you all to see.

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