Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Working From Home - So Cool, and Relaxing.

Working for home is a luxury that can not be taken for granted, One has to be disciplined with time (I am not by the way) in order to mix your work with the distractions of the home.

The reason I am not is because I put my office into the main Living room, Now the advice from the experts is that it's not a good idea to do that, but for me my pets are part of my life and the thought of working in a room and not seeing them would for me drive me crazy.

OK I am the first to admit that I often distracted by them and often get up to play with them, then the lovebird fly's over and wants to fight me over the keyboard, she loves to attack the keys as i click on them. And yes some people would hate that but I love it.

I have to stop work and give them the attention they require, BUT HEY!! what's the point of having pets if you do not interact with them.

Just look at how cute they are,

Mia Zonked Out after playing.

Suki wants more, look how she keeps eye on me.

Dawn the lovebird,

And little Dawn how can you ignore her she is so cute.

I spend about 8 to 10 hours a day working away on the computer so the little interruptions the pets cause is good for my health, other wise my eyes would be shot.

If you are wondering what i do for my working At home, I am a Webmaster, and Internet Marketing Manager, what this means is I build websites, and also managed websites. It gives me a relaxed living and while I will never be a millionaire it does cover the bills and thats all anyone should need to enjoy ones life without Stress.

Contentment for life and work is very important, to much work and not enough play time is not good. So finding a nice balance in your life is the way to go.

For me I have been a homeworker for the last 15 years - NO BOSS!! - it's so cool when you are only answerable to yourself. (unless i have deadline on a job), but  having said that, I just don't take high stress jobs now, all my work is done as and when I feel like.

Oh well time for a swim - ha ha just rubbing it in. lol

If working from home is something you may want to try, then the Millionaire Society is the answer to your  prayers! It was for me.. and still is.

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