Saturday, 3 March 2012

Permas Jaya 2nd Bridge Is Open in Johor Bahru

Today I went to Permas jaya from johro Bahru and found the 2nd bridge open and as a result no hold ups.

Today's Treat - Oh No I On Diet.

Today's Special is a home made Apple and Blackberry crumble, I feel Crumble Deserts are very under rated.

But what a time to go on a diet, I really want some of this (you see folks this is one of my problems…. I love to eat what I bake and as I am always baking I guess I have the answer why my battle with the belly fat is a losing one).

Oh well guess If I give it a miss more for the family to share, and I just know they will tease me about how good it is…..

I also got the juicer out and have just juiced about 8 apples 4 green and 4 fuji apples the combination of these are just right for my palate, but my all time favorite is my cucumber and fresh mint leaves.

I used to make every morning for a cleanser, but if I have to honest I got lazy, with regards to making my own, after using the juicer they really take some cleaning as you have to make sure every part is really clean or the ants will find it. but a friend told me to simple clean it out and once dry place into a big zip bag you can buy at the store and hey it fits in so good.

so its back to juicing daily after my work outs.

OK off out for Dim Sum - JOKEEEEEE but that was my usual weekend treat. hey who does not like dim sum, its one meal meant for sharing with family and friends.

Have a good weekend folks….pop over to my Gourmet website for some inspiration.

I'm on a New Diet - Eating to Lose Weight -how cool

Once again I am trying to break through a plateau as far as fat removal goes

To lose weight by taking pills you can get more information here
(this is a website I put together to advise on the fat blockers that help you lose weight)

But for me I prefer not to take pills and if you read my blog you will know I go gym/swim nearly every day, (this should be enough exercise to lose weight?- and I agree it would but I don't put enough intensity into it - my exercise is to keep myself subtle and firm up the lose parts, not gain muscle or go crazy so i don't enjoy it.) 

So I have come across this 2 week diet that has lots of variety and should be good if i can stick to it. 

OK so lets get down to it.

Note from the Editor of the magazine it's from….

Guess what? We've discovered the real secrets to quick, healthy and long-lasting fat loss. Yes, really! So, we've decided to share them with you in The Ultimate 2- Week Fat Loss Diet. Not only will this book help you to shed fat for good, it actually shrinks your fat cells, too.

So this is serialized in the Woman s fitness-magazine (ha ha me reading woman's mags, I know but actually i like them, they get down to the nitty gritty of the topics.

These are the rules…….
You have to make it a priority

- You have to eat something every two to three hours

- You have to start it on any day of the week other

than a Monday

- You have to bin white foods and only include starchy

carbohydrates before 6pm

- You have to fit half an hour's physical activity i nto your day

- You have to drink water every two to three hours

- You have to keep it simple……….

So far so Good..

Fron the way the diet is design it uses the body to burn its own fat, by means of using foods in a certain order that will work to burn the fat cells and shrink the fat cells - it also goes on with in-depth research results that says once the body is in sync with this diet it will keep burning fat until you reach your goal, then it a matter of slight alteration of the plan but having read it through I really like the variations in the foods you can eat.

OK well this is day one.

Day 1 

Fresh fruits, juices, smoothies

Late morning..
small snack. 

Lunch time
beef broths small salad.

Mid afternoon
ryvita with chopped egg,

fish fillets thai style or salmon and veg/salad

1/2 be4 only if hungrey that you wake up to early…
oatcake with one slice turkey.

That's just and out line but I'm sure you will agree it don't sound bad…

OK i had my double expresso so off to the gym….

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