Monday, 5 March 2012

How I Doubled the P1 Wimax Signal, Using old Astro Dish.

Morning folks in Malaysia and around the world, that's what I love about blogging - you reach so many people.

Well my wifi has been slowing up lately so I thought I'd look for ways to boost the wifi signal without touching the inside of the modem, it's a very simple Mod using a Astro dish. and moving around the house trying it out until you get the best signal possible.

I Doubled the signal and increased the speed in the process.

My Signal reading's for the last few months has never got over Good, but after my trials today it's a constant Strong and Yellow in color.

The trick is do a simple attachment with elastic and tape until your happy, then you can use sticky pads and plastic ties.

anyway I still trying to get the best so better go and keep trying but just had to share with you, in case you also having probs.

Oh and speed test when done is constant around 3150 - 3597 KBPS.

UPDATE 3.04PM just done another speed test and its getting better and better.

Speed Test

Signal strength

I have never had it this high ever! 3.16pm

wow I am so pleased with today's trial.  now its up into the green.

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