Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Very Interesting inventions for 2012.

A friend just sent me a file with regards to very interesting invention for 2012, Hope you like them some are so good you think why did i not think of that usage.

OK here are the images for you to enjoy…
I could use this one.

Great for small bathrooms

not sure about this one - I would splash it all over the place

Nice idea but not new, seen others like this

Now this I love 

ha ha great for the windy days.

wow so easy - why did i not think of it

not new just different shape

Not sure what this is for..

great idea but will look stupid on your pocket lol

again not new just different item

dont see the point - just hold the can lah...

Cute, and umbrella not bad either


Wow cut bigger slices dude...

Like these

OK would like to see one lit before i make mind up..

Old hat but good idea

Great for nosy dogs lol

Good idea who want to steel old book from you.

fun idea

Good idea.

Great use of space

Now we know why no trolleys left at the stores.

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