Monday, 12 March 2012

New Free Software Keeping me so Busy - I love it.

ground floor entrance
Hi Bloggers, Friday night I was out with friends when one of them was telling me about some software they are using and wow I am addicted already, it's 3d design software. It's called SweetHome 3D, and at first I thought it was like googles sketch which I also like but trust me this is much better. I used the floor plans for my new house and once you have the perimeter outlined the rest is a breeze, so easy to build the walls then add floors, windows doors etc.
ground floor

I been at it all weekend and today i started after gym and when I looked up it was 6pm I missed lunch, but who cares it was so much fun. I even designed the garden how i would like it and the upstairs balconies with plants and trees. Give it a go - you will love it. The best thing is once you have the house done you can click a wall and try out different colors wall papers, or even tile them. Mix and match the furniture colors - But be warned once you start you wont want to stop its so much fun. I will use it to design my house how i want it and then show the builders. you know what they say about a picture says a thousand words, what? will a video say lol. OK I'll take a screen shot of the house.

2nd floor

Give it a try………….Let me know what you think..

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