Thursday, 15 March 2012

Perfect Bread - Big Claim But Backed Up By Taste.

Amazing that todays bread taste the best yet, and the only difference was I used 50/50 1.1/2 scoops brown whole wheat and 1.1/2 of the white bread flour, I would normally use 1 of brown to 2 of white.

At first I thought I had make big mistake as when I was kneading it, It was falling apart and very bitty so i added some more water and it got better, I put away to prove while I went down to the gym, then one hour later when I returned I was gobsmacked at how much it had risen, so I punched it down kneaded and shaped to fit loaf tin and let it prove.

Again it had risen above the tin but held its form and shape. I baked it for 10 mins high then lowered for another 30 mins.

the result is above and the taste is about to happen below, and believe me when i say it was so good and tasty.

On today's sandwich i added some tuna to tomato, onion and cucumber mixed with low fat mayonnaise and it was so good with a cup of my MATE tea.

But look at the texture of the bread so even and crusty. Bon Appetite.

Golden Retrever Dogs - Great Family Pets

Just been putting another website together about golden retrever (misspelt on purpose -Keyword) dogs and am amazed at how versatile these dogs really are.

Dog training these dogs for so many uses, the most well know is the dogs used to aid the blind in navigating themselves around.

Then they are used as sniffer dogs. by police, customs, and military.
also used in the location of bodies (for example id building collapses these dogs can sniff out bodies in the mass of debris).

But these dogs make great Family pets and they have such a mild mannered temperament, and are know to tolerate children well. ha ha I say tolerate because have you ever seen children with pets they pull ears noses tails and so on, so they pet must be soft to allow this to happen.

In the Uk these dogs are used by Hunters and the dogs go retrieves the kill, hence thats how they get their name retrievers.

So needless to say if you get one of these dogs you should be prepared to exercise them every single day as they have lots of energy to expel.

It's built into them to work so the urges they will have to go hunt and retrieve will need to be replaced with exercise.

If you have time you can pop over to my sub site and have a read about these great dogs.

Golden Retrevers (retrievers) Website - Dogs that will love you to the end.

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