Monday, 19 March 2012

Mutton Curry and Banana MIlkshake for Teatime Meal

Looks nice and to be honest it was only ok and certainly not the best Curry Mutton I have had, That honor goes to Ind.Wes in Skudai.

It was very tender and fatty and curry taste was ok but thats where this dish is let down.

The curry was very powdery and not creamy like the ind+west one and just melts in the mouth.

The Banana Milkshake however was really nice, but I suspect it was made with banana syrup as i saw not one bit of banana in it. and for rm8 I think while tasting nice was over priced worth only about rm5 at most, curry was rm8 worth only about rm6.

This was at the Tea Gardens in Bukit indah, next to the Sertia Office.

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