Friday, 30 March 2012

How to Insert Text into a PDF form on a MAC

Hi Bloggers,

Today I have been trying to Identify ways how to add Text to PDF forms on my mac pc, but most programs you have to pay for. then most of the programs or apps that are out their are for windows os.

Then an entry in a forum caught my eye suggesting that when using a mac you can fill in the form easy but using mac very own preview software.

I was gobsmacked - all this time I have been printing out my pdfs and filling them in by hand then scanning and printing off again.

Now its so easy I just load up Preview, then it's just a matter of clicking on Annotate then click text button, place the cursor on the box you want to input text and click drag out the box within the area and double click you will see a text cursor type your text.

You can then save or print it out. So Cool no more forms to write out.

If you have any problems let me know -or if you like it let me know.

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