Friday, 13 April 2012

L = Ledang Of Johor

Mount Ophir or Gunung Ledang at 1276 meters tall, it's the highest mountain in the Johor State, 64th highest and the 6th most difficult to climb

Mount Ophir, known in Malay as Gunung Ledang (after a legendary princess), is a mountain forest reserve located in northwestern of Johor, Malaysia.

Adventure begins at the Gunung Ledang Resort.

Capture the splendour of raw mountain adventures on legendary Gunung Ledang (Mt. Ophir). Trek up the magical jungle-capped mountain. Cool off in the rushing waters of Puteri Falls.

Discover a world alive with the wonders of nature at her finest.

For a "getaway-from-it-all" in cosy chalets within magnificent woodland settings, camping in the rugged wilds, or a convention amidst nature.
Seek out the challenges of outdoor activities for personal and is the perfect base to begin your mountain adventures is at Gunung Ledang Resort.

A heavenly retreat at the foothills of Gunung Ledang, the resort offers the ideal gateway to enjoying nature at its rugged best.

Getting to the top is only the start of the adventure.

Johor has so much to offer it's visitors, and even if you are not into climbing or adventure you can just chill out and take in the wonderful gifts from above, just letting nature itself surround your senses to relax and unwind your body and mind.

some more photos of the area.

Enjoy your stay, I know I did..

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