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P = Pulau Tinggi Island Paradise of Johor, Malaysia

The island is painted green by the lush tropical forest that is rich with rattan, timber and other valuable plants. Pulau Tinggi gets its name from a high hill rising 2,000 feet above sea level ("tinggi" is a Malay word for high).

This delightful island is located about 20 nautical miles southeast of Mersing, on the east coast of Johor. It's nicknamed the "General's Hat Island" by Chinese seamen hundreds of years ago, Tinggi Island is a large uninhabited island, which rises 2000ft. above the sea level.

Pay a visit to one of the 3 fishing villages residing on the land for the ultimate local experience. It's one of the unknown paradises hidden long the Southern tip of Johor. A soaring 600 meters above sea level, it's an hour boat journey from Tanjong Leman Jetty.

Crystal-clear turquoise waters surround the cone-shaped island of Pulau Tinggi

Snorkelling, and scuba diving are some of the more popular pursuits here.

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Getting there

From North-South Expressway take the Ayer Hitam exit (Interchange 244) and drive towards Kluang and onwards using the Kluang-Jemaluang trunk road.

After Jemaluang town, get onto the Kota Tinggi-Mersing trunk road, heading towards Mersing. Look out for signboards that will lead you to Mersing Jetty.

Pulau Tinggi is approximately 45 minute's boat ride from Mersing Jetty.

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