Thursday, 7 June 2012

Golden Buddha from the Forbidden City

Forbidden City.  In Jungham Park, their is a temple. Where the massive golden Buddha sits looking down on the Emperor’s massive residence.

I have seen many buddha Statues in my life but somehow this one really intrigued me.

the other thing that amazed me was that most of the statues, the hands were all in different poses.

Laughing Your Head Off!

Laughing your head off - I often hear the above expression and to me it means, laughing so much your head hurts, but then you can interpret in many ways, the picture to the left is one example of this.

But whatever the meaning, Laughing just for the sake of it is so good for the whole body.

Have you ever felt that While your laughing ,other people you do not know and are not even involved in what it is that is making your laugh, Yet they have a smile on their face, Well that's because Laughing is Infectious.

Which brings me to my next Section, Infectious Laughing and what it means, well not so long ago a dear friend on mine sent the meaning of infectious laughing and I have pasted it here for you to enjoy.

So pass this onto a friend who you feels needs a little laugh right now.

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