Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Young and Carefree - Kids grow up to fast these days

When you look at this picture, What! do you see?

Apart from the obvious boys having fun by the river, To me it shouts out Care Free.

It floods back memories of a young boy playing by the river with not a care in the world and only living for that moment with my friends.

And although I come from a poor family I still had a wonderful childhood and never had to worry about surviving, not as a lot of children around the world have to do nowadays.

I would play for ever with my friends at least until i heard my mother shouting me in for meals.

These days children seam to grow up very fast, I am taken back sometimes about the conversations i have and the knowledge they impart at such a young age. they must have nothing in their lives but study study study, OK knowledge is great and I think we should educate our children but for me I like to see them enjoy their childhood, run free without worries but it just does not happen these days.

I have to say I think we have not really advance much in this area and think that the old days were better.

What do you think?

Deadlines! Can Kill You…….Help Is at Hand

Is this how you look when you got to make a deadline, Chill Out! I mean what's the worse can happen if you don't meet it, lose job, lose family, lose self worth - ok ok where's the caffeine lol

Seriously though all joking aside trying to meet deadlines, can kill you!

You see it's the stress of it all that will kill you in the end, before you accept a deadline give it lots of thought as to how, taking on this project will impact on your life.

It's not just you that you have to consider its you family also, as they will have to take the brunt of your stress once you are fully engrossed in to the project.

I recently lost a dear friend 39 years of age, who you would think had it all, good looks, great wife and kids, nice house, holidays every year. But to achieve all this it meant taking on work that would push him to his limits in order to meet the strict deadlines and penalties for not meeting them that exist today in this world.

But when we are young we think its ok and that we can take it, but stress has no limits and no matter who you are, it will take you.

I have put together Two Websites that I hope will help you when you feel you have stress and how to handle it and the anxiety.

Also how to keep yourself fit and healthy….

Take care of yourself folks after all you only have one life…..

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