Friday, 6 July 2012

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Below is the first of our Members post, and wow I was so pleased as it gives the reader lots of places to try in Johor Bahru when wanting to eat out.

As you know I love eating out and often blog the result on here so it was nice to read his article and find lots of new places for me to try.
Check out his recommendations by clicking on the below Link..,49.0.html

Opening Dance in Museum Building Dato 'Jaffar Johor Bahru

Presentation of the forms 1 and 2 SSeMJB Dinner Johor police chief on July 3, 2012 which is presented in figure Museum Building Dato 'Jaffar Johor Bahru. Opening dance, dance dance dance to make Eat Betel and Peri predict Masri.
I just love to see these dancers in traditional costume in Johor Bahru, It's so colorful and exciting to watch.

Pelajar-pelajar SSeMJB

Pelajar Perempuan Tingkatan 2
Pelajar Lelaki Tingkatan 1

Production of SPM 2012 - the legacy- 30 Jun 2012 Theatre Experiment, University of Malaya
Jurulatih SSeJB

Bekas pelajar Sekolah Seni Johor Bahru datang menyokong adik-adik mereka

Penuh..sehinggakan ada yang terpaksa berdiri

Prof. Madya Dr. Nasir Hashim, Pengarah Pusat Kebudayaan Universiti Malaya menerima cenderamata

Pengarah visual, muzik teater dan tari

Khayalan menjelma ~~~~

Bidang Tari

Drum solo


Bidang teater

Costum Experimental

Bidang Tari


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