Sunday, 15 July 2012

Win a ipad This July 2012 - Ends 31st

To Win this ipad you have to find clues etc in this LONDON Competition,
To enter - Please visit this link
Johor Bahru Information Exchange Forum

This is a competition from the Readers Digest…. 
Good Luck and enjoy the new forum for Johor Bahru.
The place to go to find or let other know of deals competitions, anything to do with johor in malaysia.
But also a place to make new friends.
Also Please note that the New JB Chat Room is open. Log in with your friends and chat away.

The Fish FRY are much Bigger Now….

 I like buying Fry from the pet shops, because if you are lucky, amongst them you can find one or two very special fish that grow into really nice adults, with lots of color and character.

I mean you get one or two scoops for about RM2 then its just matter of feeding and watching for the ones that grow with a bit of color and shape to them.

Once you find them you can keep the ones you like and put the others out into the pond in the garden, this will them allow the ones you like to grow,(If you do not remove the other fish them this will stunt the growth of your selected fish as they will only grow to the capacity of the tank they are in.)

If you look at these photos you will see that most look exactly the same, but looking close you will see some chiclids some guppies both are good little fish that can grow up real nice with nice colors etc:

Out of this lots I can only spot about two I really would like to keep, but I am going to keep them together another month to see if any late bloomers.

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