Wednesday, 25 July 2012

CCTV Comes To Johor Bahru, New Security Measures.

Yeah ha! CCTV caused lots of out cry in the UK when it was put into the city centers, the people said it was big brother spying on them, Of course this was true, but it was in the interest of the public.

From my point of view I saw a lot of reduction in the bad behavior and crime but in the case of the younger element on the streets, this was a little different because the police put their pictures all over the press to make an example of them.

But guess what?. It backfired because the youths thought this was hilarious and went out on intended act of destruction of property etc: just so they to could be put into the papers.

But for all intent and purposes it worked.

Or (food for thought) did it just managed to move crime to other areas of no cameras.

But on the good side these cctv units have actually helped thousands of people, from kids going missing and being found by the cctv cameras, to accidents happening and because they was spotted on the cctv the emergency crews were alerted and in some case got to the scene in time to save the injured people who otherwise would have died at the location.

What do you think about the CCTV being installed.,66.msg67.html#msg67

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Back To Normal After Today...

Well they found the leaking pipe and repaired, all that remains is the plastering of the walls, I hate the smell of plaster as it dry s but just have to grin and bear it.

But I just love having the peace and quite, and do my work without the banging noises, so I better get on and earn some more DOSH so I can Pay the plumbers and plaster's.

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