Friday, 3 August 2012

The Most Read Blog Post - Good News...

 I was looking at some stats regarding this site and am very please to report that the most viewed ever was all about  WHY WE SHOULD ALL SMILE MORE

So why does this please me. Well its just so nice to know that people still like to read about the good things in life, when so many of the news media and papers appear to me to just thrive on bad news.

Yes! Strange that BAD NEWS is the biggest seller. Why? When did we the people get to a stage in our lives that bad news attracted our attentions more than Good Happy News. 

Well I just wanted to thank all the people from all over this Great World of ours, for taking some of your precious time out to read and hopefully enjoy the above mentioned article.

I for one stopped reading mainstream newspapers because I just felt so down and unhappy. Yet you look at a local paper and it's totally different.

I for one will continue to write about the good things in life and hopefully inpart some of that goodness into your hearts so that you may also feel good.

Thanks for reading


John J Foster.
Below is another Happy Poem.

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