Monday, 6 August 2012

Badminton - Datuk (Sir)Lee Chong Wei.Made Us All So Proud And I From The UK

Datuk (Sir)Lee Chong Wei. you made us all so proud - You did your best and No ONE can ask anything less of you.

You are an inspiration to the young of Malaysia and I hope they watch and take up this fantastic sport, that you have been an ambassador for many years in the Great Name of Malaysia.

I am from the UK but now call Malaysia my home and you had me screaming from the top of my lungs, I found it so exciting and I loved the way you held it together in your defeat - the sign of a great man is not how he wins but how he handles losing.

And to everyone watching around the world you will never be a loser, you made us all so proud. IN FACT I think it will go down in history as one of the GREAT MATCHES EVER by two of the BEST.

I am not taking any thing away from Lin Dan, He played superb and at times I thought he was losing it, but he fought back and won.

In life it takes two to Tango and this for me, Was the BEST EVER TANGO I HAVE EVER SEEN....

Are We Becoming A World Of Zombies.....

You only have to look around you now and i bet you can see so many people looking into their phones while walking or passengers in buses, people on bikes and yes even the drivers sometimes.

But for me the worst is in the Restaurants and I am guilty of this too. I order the meal then whip out the phone and log in, and the best is I never really give it two thoughts till I saw this photo and wow it's True I am A 2012 ZOMBIE - R YOU?

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