Thursday, 9 August 2012

Blogger Cafe in JB.

Have you tried a blogger cafe. No foods just drinks and free wifi. Lots of specialty teas. Coffees etc. this one was between Taman Daya and setira Austin indah.
It made nice change however the free wifi needs to be faster. Say unifi 200mbps would be good.

Lunch in Taman Daya JB

Just had a nice Singapore fried noodle with three different noodles squid. Prawns. In a lovely sauce. Plus big plate of Clams.

My Spider has had Babies.

Ha ha Sorry to mislead you, I am referring to the spider plant. Not our eight legged friends.

I have lots of these now all over the balcony. And just love how they look. Then when they shoot out the baby plant stem. I repot the plant into a hanging pot. Or convert a basic pot using garden wire.

Living in tropical Johor Bahru. In Malaysia is wonderful and these plants fit in perfectly.

The secret is to buy a couple. Then just re plant the babies and the cycle continues.

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