Saturday, 25 August 2012

Warning! - Sign in Back of Car -Was it A Road Rage Pre-Warning

Is? this what the world has come to, when drivers now advertise that they are angry people before any incident of road rage.

This Warning Sign was in the Rear window of a Singapore Registered Car seen in Johor Bahru today Sat Aug 25th 2012.

I was driving behind a Toyota Alphard people carrier and the above sign was in the back window, so on passing I expected to see a 6 foot giant in the driving seat with an angry face when to my surprise was a Sweet looking little old lady that could just see above her dashboard.

Oh! I thought it was hilarious. but my preconceptions were wrong based on seeing the sign.

I was alway taught as I grew up, not to Judge a Book by its Cover, but it just goes to show we can all get it wrong sometimes, another side to the story is, she may well get angry and have a Big Baseball Bat inside that expensive looking car....

These days one can not take anything for granted, have a good day and thanks for giving me a good laugh today in JB.

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