Tuesday, 28 August 2012

New Plants for my Balcony in the Sky

You got to Love Malaysia, while out shopping came across this offer 3 4 1, three plants for one price, rm20.

I was so pleased as two of them I had not seen before.

This is such a wonderful place for me to sit out in, the sound of running water, the chimes behind me and the views over Johor Bahru CBD and onto Singapore is truly inspiring.

Why Do I Love Malaysia So Much? Read On to Find Out..

I Love Malaysia. but why would an Expat from the UK love Malaysia so much, and what has it got to offer people who would like to come and retire or just holiday here.

For me One word comes to mind - HARMONY.
(quote from Tourisum Website "To know Malaysia is to love Malaysia. A bubbling, bustling melting pot of races and religions where Malays, Indians, Chinese and many other ethnic groups live together in peace and harmony.") Strange word to hear these days but a welcome one. 

When I speak to my friends back home and invite them over for a holiday, they decline say they are going to spain, Portugal or Turkey for holidays and even to retire. and OK it's close to the UK But to be honest, in my mind, that's all its got to offer, because its expensive to live in Spain, Portugal or even Turkey these day in comparison to Malaysia, You also have to learn the lingo of each country and drive wrong side of road.

Malaysia second languages English and spoken widely through out the country.

They have the same driving rules as UK and drive on the right. all signs are in english.

Malaysia is so good I am reluctant to share it really, but first off for me its the people of Malaysia that make it, they are so laid back and smile a lot, the children are respectful of adults, the weather is good all year round and even when its bad weather its still good. rain in uk is cold, rain in Malaysia is hot and while it comes down much harder in Malaysia within a few hours the sun is out and drys the land back to its former sunny self, also cools the temp down another bonus. In fact thats a good word for Malaysia. Bonus as it has so many.

Then you get 5 times the value for your UK pounds, Electricity is about rm. 200 a month, Gas about Rm 25 - 30, water rates about rm75 a quarter remember divide all these by 5 and you will see how cheap it is to live, Petrol is about 25p a litre back home its about 1.90 pounds.

But best of all has to be the FOOD. no mater where you go in Malaysia from hawker food to fine dinning, the food is excellent and highly recommended. cook at home is even cheaper but many households don't bother its easier to take the family out to eat, and no washing up - how cool is that.

So many places to eat in Malaysia -Blog about eating in Malaysia.

So back to the weather I have been here 6 years and only wore long pants about three times, life is so good when you can dress casually and in shorts. Seeing the sun every day is so good for the body, and sole. the greenery here in Malaysia has to be seen to be believed.

They say England has the finest green pastures in the world, but let me tell you pastures apart Malaysia has greenery everywhere you look,

Every town centre has an array of wonderful plant life well manicured by the city council workers, with topiary designed hedges etc.

We have not even got to the beaches yet or the marine life thats all around. the infrastructure in Malaysia is very well in place and even the fibre optics are being installed with every newly built area. and installed to existing areas as demand rises.

OK I dont want to repeat all the other official websites but I would urge all you people from the UK and Europe to Really Consider Malaysia as the pace to live or retire.

I live in Johor Bahru the southern City with just a quick journey over the causeway and your into Singapore in about 30 - 40 mins depending on traffic, it is once of the busiest customs transit point in the world. with thousands of people plying back and forth all day.

Click here for some of the best hawker and food outlets in JB

For more information on this wonderful city I have put together this website. and you can find out so much of what's happening here, the whats on page is updated regularly each month.

I also have set up a Forum for people to discuss things related to Johor Bahru and Malaysia.

Johor is undergoing a massive transformation at the moment
and will be one future metropolis to look out for, better still come and live here. See here for future development pictures. and information. - see a 13 minutes video of the future City of Johor Bahru

Life in Kuantan is by another english expat. You can read here.

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