Thursday, 30 August 2012

Bye Bye Marine Fish Tank

M.Tank. At its best in 2011
I have decided to say bye to my Marine fish keeping. And continue with my tropical fish.

While not hard to keep if you do regular maintenance I decided the tropical fish keeping is better for me.

The marine tank gave me access to a big variety of colorful fish and reef life and I have loved every minet of it but the cost is so much more expensive,what with needing a cooler, Skimmers and special lighting for the corals.

My tropical on the other hand requires just lights and filtration system. And I can get colorful fish also.

Would I recommend to other's the keeping of marine fish. My answer is a big Yes.

Ok the process has been hard work, cleaning the equipment to rid of salt content is so hard as it adhears to the equipment and hard to remove.

I gave the corals and fish to friend who is so happy.

Well back to the hard work of cleaning the filtration systems.

And preparing the tropical tank setup.

Start of Marine reef tank - Live rocks in place

Reef tank with some coral added
one of the tropical tanks with chiclids

One point I would like to make is if i had to do it all again then would recommend not to buy the metal tank holders, the salt attacks the metal plus its a good conductor of electricity and many a time i got shocks from touching these frames. also look at bottom photo you can see how rusty it becomes, and trust me it get very messy once the rust starts.
filter tray cleaned
filter media to go into new tropical tank - bio , algae, and Carbon bags
Salt Tank empty and drying out

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