Sunday, 2 September 2012

My New Tropical Tank Setup.

Further to my recent blog with reference to discontinuing the keeping of marine fish.
I spent the whole weekend cleaning and preparing the new tropical tank set up. It is now in cycle mode for about six days then I'll add the fish.

I landscaped the tank first before adding the water this time and found it much better than trying to sort it out with water in.

The set up went well until I connected the canister filtration pump. As I had a leak from the pump head o ring.

Other than installing another nothing else I could do. Then I had a brain wave. What do I do when pipes leak. I use ptf tape that plumbers use, it is very flexible and will take shape of whatever you put it on.

Well I sealed the ridge that the o ring sits on and Hey Presto. It worked.

I am well pleased. I'm sure you agree it looks good. And will get clearer as the filtration does it's job. I will update later in the week once the fish go in.

I also added a cool lighting system under the house and will change colors.

Rest time I think now. I can feel cool refreshing Smoothy on the balcony as we watch the sun set over Johor Bahru.

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