Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Swimming I love it but I Tire easy these days.

Me doing Crawl.
I wonder why that is? you see I have been swimming for years but recently I find that two or three lengths of the pool and I feel so tired.

I am at a loss but one thing I have noticed lately is that my feet no longer push me along in fact no matter how hard i paddle them i do not go forward in fact I go backwards. ha ha it's true.

I hold on to a swim float and with arms stretched out, I paddle me feet keeping the toes pointing out and back but nothing not forward motion and after few second of this i actually start to go backwards in the pool.

Everyone thinks i am joking and messing around so I have given up trying to explain to others  about my predicament and just swim with my arms and let the feet float behind me.

I still go fast and it looks ok but I would love to have the propulsion I used to have many years ago.

I was wondering if anyone reading this has come across this and what steps did your take to rectify it?

Dawn my Lovebird is So Cute I entered her into a Contest

Sleeping Bird Contest

Hi Bloggers,  I just entered my little Lovebird Dawn into the above contest, the photo is so cool of her laying back after a good hand feeding.

She is now a mother herself and it makes me realize just how fast, time is passing us all by.

Hope you enjoy the photo and if you get time click like for me on the face book page

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