Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Monsoon Weather is among us today.

Wow. In all my six years in Malaysia I don't recall another day that has had as much thunder. Lightning and bolts of lightning shooting down onto the CBD of Johor Bahru. 

And I feel blessed not to be out in it. All my pets are cuddled up to me scared. i feel a bit wet but at least the fish are happy lol. and the noise is deafening to the ears. 

In fact I now got a head ache.

Spag Bol for Tea

Decided to do a Spaghetti Bolognese last night and while it looked very nice. One ingredient was missing. Garlic.

And Spaghetti without garlic is not good. For me it's the garlic that brings all the other ingredients together.

Also one other missing ingredient was the Parnassians cheese.

I used good old mature cheddar and while it was good tasting. You ca not beat Parmesan on Spaghetti.

I also serve it with my fresh baked home made French bread. Warm with lots if butter. Yes I said butter. Nothing else beats that melted butter taste when eating with Bolognese sauce.

Ha ha one thing for sure even though not my best. It still got empty plates. A sure sign they liked it.

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