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Malaysian Clothes Moths Evolving from Pod, I Wondered What These Were, Hanging Up All Over The House.

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So I guess if you have not seen Clothes Moths before ,hanging around your house in Malaysia. you are lucky.

Why do I say lucky, well to be honest they are a nuisance and attack clothes, mats, curtains bedding well anything thats cloth.

For the first few years in Malaysia I saw them around the home, but as they did not bite me It never bothered me, but lately I am finding things that have been eaten to shreds. and so made it my mission to move them out of my home. 

But as soon as I move them they are back with in a few days.

Yesterday I cleared about 30 from ceilings walls and in cupboards, they mainly like the damp areas of bathrooms or near to them, but i found them in wardrobes and in the back bedroom.

Then I spotted one out of its shell dragging itself around the Bath mats while feeding.

Check out the video.

The Life cycle of the clothes moth

(This is a segment from the pest blog below.

Warmer weather yields an increased likelihood of clothing moth infestations. Contrary to popular belief, these pests cause great harm within the home. Clothing moths will munch on clothing and other materials within dresser drawers and closets, destroyingvaluable items by leaving irregularly shaped holes. As is true for most insects, higher temperatures increase the reproductive rate of clothing moths. For example, egg hatching may take up to 3 weeks during winter months, but occur in as little as 4-10 days during the summer.

In addition to increased reproduction rates, clothing moth populations outdoors are also higher, providing more opportunities for moths to enter homes and initiate infestations. Exclusion and sanitation are critical! Repair broken or torn window screens and verify that they fit properly in the window frame. Do not leave doors propped open, as many insects can detect pressure differences and will then enter homes. Avoid storing delicate wool or silk items in attics, and consider placing these items in sealed plastic or garment bags while not in use. Inspect plants and other items as you bring them indoors to prevent transporting insects. Clothing moths can impose significant economic damageto your belongings if you do not take action.)

So don't take these little critters for granted or just when you want to wear that favorite shirt or dress it will have been attacked. to look like this..

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